Wedding Centerpiece Bud Vases – Do It Yourself

To save money on wedding favors and centerpieces is to combine them. This example of vases demonstrates this. Even if you think you are not crafty, this will give you step by step instructions on how to make your own wedding centerpiece and favors all in one using inexpensive bud vases. You do not have to use the exact flowers I have used here, be creative and combine a number of different flowers that match your theme.

Materials Needed:

Small bud vases or any type of vase will do. I purchased these for only .97 cents locally in a chain store. You can also find them in dollar stores, wedding sections in craft stores, or online.


Ribbon – your choice of type or color; however, I do recommend the wired ribbon if you are not into bow making. The wire type ribbon makes beautiful bows easily for the novice.


Flowers – I used silk in this example

They are easy to practice with and look beautiful in your wedding pictures, not to mention your guests will enjoy them for a long time to come. They are inexpensive (watch for sales at your local craft store) You can find almost any type and color.

For flowers, I recommend several types. One-two large flowers, 1 medium, and two small sprays. In this example, I used hydrangea, apple blossoms, and 1 pink painted daisy. Several colors add effect!


Cut two pieces of ribbon. 1-38 inches, for the bow, and 1-18 inches to tie and secure to the vase.

Start with the longer pieces and fold like an accordion. See picture.

One all of the ribbon is used, take the 18-inch piece of ribbon and tie in the center. (There is no need to knot if you are using wired ribbon, it will stay in place.

Next, take the ends and wrap them around the vase mid-point, and tie again. (There is no need to knot if you are using wired ribbon, it will stay in place.

Fluff and adjust the ribbon, by placing one finger through a loop and twist or adjust to a position that looks pleasing.

Next, you will place the flowers in the vase.

Start with the larger 2 flowers (used hydrangea because they are very full), next place the daisy in a pleasing position and bend the bud so that it tilts and flower head is visible.

Next place two pieces of apple blossom or other stemmed type flowers. Leave one straight and towards the back.

Next, take one of the apple blossom stems and bend as illustrated in the picture. This is so that is points downward in the vase giving it a natural look. Flowers do not all point straight up.

Make sure that you leave some leaves attached and that they show. The greenery gives it a more natural look.




Voila! You are a designer!

Repeat the process of making these vases so that you have enough to put several on each table. If your tables are round and seating eight, then you will need four for each table. If you are working with rectangular long tables, then place them down the center of the table. This will form the individual centerpiece and favors.

Next place a tag generated with your computer on nice paper. Let the words include thank you and appreciation along with anything you might want to say. You can punch a hole in the corner of the tag and tie on with very thin ribbon, or simply tape on to the ribbon with clear tape so that it can be easily removed by your wedding guests later if desired.

Suggestion:  If you want an even more elegant effect for your centerpiece, try placing a taper candle in the middle of the vase bouquets. See picture for effect.

Your guests will be thrilled with these favor vases and the fact that you made them yourself, and that they will last for a very long time. How many people do you know that do not enjoy a vase of flowers in their home? The bud vase will come in handy many times over, and the price is right.

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