Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces can take on many forms. Traditionally they are a combination of flowers or candles or both. Today, many brides are opting for less traditional centerpieces on their guest tables. Flowers are still the favorite and add elegance and flair to the reception.

Centerpieces can contain a variety of items, again typically flowers but containers, styles, flower types, and additional items placed in the centerpieces can really add that wow effect. When considering options think about your theme and how you can incorporate the theme into the centerpiece.

Some simple suggestions that can save you time and money:

1. Consider using the favors as the wedding centerpiece. Smaller bud vases decorated and filled with flowers grouped together in the center of the table is beautiful as well as economical.

2. Cake! Yes, consider a smaller cake and place single layers on each table for your guests. This is a beautiful gesture as it saves the cost of placing a separate centerpiece on each table and looks beautiful. The cakes can all be alike or even decorated a bit different for each table. Flowers on the cake can add even another effect. Talk to your baker about the cost. There should be a reduction since they will be baking several dozen small cakes, less intricate than a multi-layer very large cake.

3. Candles – Candles can serve as a double of favors and wedding centerpiece as well. A popular idea that has come about is to use a round mirror in the center of the table. You can place a larger candle in the center with smaller decorated votive candles around it for your guests. Votive candle holders and candles can be purchased very cheaply at your local dollar or craft store. Usually a couple for a dollar, you can’t beat that for 50 cents.

4. Another great idea when mixing in your theme is to get clever with items in the centerpiece. If you choose to have flowers consider making them yourself. Arrangements are not hard and there are several ideas to arrange flowers on this site. See decorations and watering cans for ideas to get your creativity going.

5. Another popular wedding centerpiece is to buy inexpensive glass bowls and float candles or flowers. This is a great idea if you have a garden or know someone who has a number of flowers. Placing them in the bowls along with a floating candle in the center is very attractive and the only cost is the bowl, which can again be purchased at a local dollar store or outlet online.

One of the most fun ideas is to mix in “hats” with the bouquet in the center. This can be easily done with a small dowel rod, pushed into the center of the flowers with a hat on the top of the dowel. Consider the types of hats, as they will be a riot during the dances, where most people will take them off the tables and wear them while they are dancing. If you are thinking of a period type wedding, then start searching for some old style hats; yes the kind your grandmother wore with the silly netting and ugly flowers on them. Even the pillbox style. They are silly to us now, but really cute on all the tables blended in with the flowers, and a riot on the dance floor for fun.

If you are from a farming community, consider a farming style hat, such as “John Deere”, or cowboy hats, or ball caps, or maybe the bride and groom are a sportsman, and different style camouflage hats would be cute.

This same principle can be applied to other items like, handkerchiefs, golf apparel, baseball apparel, or other collectible items that match a particular theme. Tropical themes lend themselves to seashells, tropical fish, birds, and palm sprays. I’ve even seen children’s sand buckets used as the centerpiece filled with tropical flowers.

One of the cutest ones is to place baby pictures of the bride and groom on skewers extending out from the wedding centerpiece flowers. They really get noticed, and people love them. Family pictures on the reserved family tables are another fun idea. They will appreciate the sentiment and probably give everyone a few laughs. If you can dig up some old wedding photos of the couples at the family table, that could be fun as well.

If you intend to stay ultra traditional with flower centerpieces and want to save money from not hiring a florist considering doing them yourself.

Also, don’t limit yourself to just guest table wedding centerpieces. Consider making some for the cake table, or even to place on the cake, instead of purchasing a cake top. Consider making them for the head table, serving or buffet tables, and even for the facilities if your reception hall doesn’t have this covered already. Often times there will be hor’s devours table and you can place an arrangement on that table as well.

See the links at the side for instructions on “how to do it yourself”, you don’t have to be a florist or crafty to arrange flowers, they are beautiful all on their own, and your guests will be amazed at how clever you are.

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