wedding favors

Wedding favors are the place you can really send that personal touch for your guests and save money. Your gift can be both a thank you and a remembrance of your day. You will want to put much thought into them. Whether they are purchased or personally made always let them be a reflection of who you are, and blend them into your theme of elegance, fun, or practicality.

DIY Wedding Favours

You will always want to consider the cost of course in your overall budget. The best way to save money is to make them yourself. There is an infinite number of ways to send your message. Even if you think you are not crafty, I will provide a number of ideas to help you get started, and then let your creativity flow. If you prefer to make your own favors then try your hand at making your own favor boxes. Directions coming soon. 

Consider your audience

Your first decision in the process is that you need to think about is who is actually receiving the favor and of course how much money you have allocated in your budget. Traditionally, brides and grooms will give a gift to a couple and place them as part of the table setting. Consider being different and give a thank you that is geared towards each. Another word two different favors, one geared towards the male, and one for the female guests. This is a great idea for members who are single and really lends to the practicality. For instance, the above handmade boxes could be male and female. See Favor boxes page for tux and bride box.

Wedding Favors

Here is an idea that I suggested recently. The couple gave separate gifts to both the female and males guests. The females received inexpensive cake servers, and the males received small inexpensive fishing lures. The wedding favors were placed in beautifully decorated baskets at the entrance, and the guests raved about them for months afterward. How many weddings have you been to that guests talked about the favors after the fact?

Favors Message

The favors were a combination of purchase and then decorated to add a personal touch to the elegance of the wedding. It sent the message of thoughtfulness, the practicality of use afterward, as well as the personal touch of wrapping and decorating to connect to the theme. A small printed wording (this could be a poem) was tied on each. The paper tags were printed from a computer and it added the final personal touch of thank you for sharing in their day. TIP: Believe it or not, the cake servers were wrapped using white freezer paper. You can’t get more inexpensive then that!! 

Wedding Favors

where do I place them?

Placing the gifts in baskets at the entrance immediately thanked the guests for their attendance. Let’s face it, what is the first thing we generally see when we walk in? The money box or gift table of course, which sends the message of what are you giving us? Be the first to show your appreciation. Let the thank you come first, and place the gift table or card box at the back of the reception area

More Ideas

If you decide that making your own wedding favors is not for you try shopping our discounted wedding favors.