Wedding Rehearsal Ideas

The days of the traditional formal dinner the night before the wedding is slowly dwindling. More modern couples are choosing to have more relaxed gatherings after their “practice” ceremony. Whether you choose to follow tradition and have a formal dinner following your rehearsal or more of a BBQ either is quite acceptable these days. Link here for some money saving ideas on inexpensive rehearsal dinners. Rehearsal dinner theme ideas.

In fact, many couples are opting for the more relaxed “stay in our jeans” rather than dress up kind of practice. There are many factors contributing to this, one of which is the relaxed, stress reduced practice ceremony run through, but perhaps more in the forefront is the savings of a formal dinner for a considerable amount of guests.

Traditional dinners have been held at restaurants and tend to have been formal in the past. A new trend that is emerging is that rehearsal practice is taking on a less formal format and even integrating themes. The following is a list of wedding rehearsal ideas to help you think about the venue that you might want consider.

There are no set rules anymore with these aspects of your wedding planning or even who pays for this. Years ago the groom’s family typically paid for the rehearsal dinner, but this is no longer the case. Due to the high cost of hosting a wedding, the trend is that whoever can afford helps. There is no etiquette must do when it comes to hosting the event. The trend seems to be those that can afford pitch in and pay. With this in mind and today’s economy, DIY seems more realistic and practical, and can certainly be more relaxed, less stressful, and more fun!

Here are some wedding rehearsal ideas:

  • Backyard BBQ – whatever you want to grill, just keep it casual, jeans, the bride, and groom T-shirts, etc.
  • Color Theme – Use the colors you are having for your wedding. Use paper plates in those colors as well as napkins, cups etc. String lights if weather permits outdoors, if it doesn’t cooperate just move everything in-doors and re-create it as if outdoors (except for the grill – smile)
  • Have the Caribbean theme. Serve jerk chicken, grill some pineapple, serve fruit, seafood – shrimp on skewers, and rum drinks. Throw up some tropical decorations, tiki torches, and have a great time. Play some reggae and calypso music. Limbo if you want!
  • Do something patriotic if in the month of July – have everyone wear red, white, and blue. Serve hots and hamburgers, put up red white and blue lights, lots of flags.
  • Do a Mardi Gras theme. Serve gumbo, shrimp and any seafood, jambalaya and fish sandwiches. Give everyone beads, masks, plastic crowns, and feather boas. Play jazz music and have a ball!
  • Go with a Western Theme – Give everyone colored bandanas, serve cornbread, beans, cole slaw, potato salad etc. Put out western style decorations like cowboy boots, chaps etc.
  • Italian – Decorate with red, white, and green, and put around wine bottle candle holders. Serve Italian food and dessert. Bakes Ziti is easy, inexpensive and can be done ahead. Serve spumoni for dessert.
  • The theme for sports – have everyone wear their favorite sports T-shirt, or sweatshirt depending on the season. Have all decorations related to sports or a particular sport. Or you can even go more defined and have a certain sports team colors and have everyone wear such. Have food related to this – if baseball, have hotdogs etc.
  • Oriental theme – Decorate with Chinese lanterns. Serve a Chinese menu of course and have everyone use chopsticks – that can be great fun to watch. Play oriental music and decorate with lots of oriental red and black. If you have some oriental attire go ahead and wear it!
  • Item theme – If you are a big fan of a particular item, let’s say frogs – use that as a theme piece. Use it through the evening with paper plates, decorations etc. Use the color green everywhere!
  • How about a military theme? Have fun with this and even dress in camo. They now have camo paper plates, napkins, etc. Buy some fabric and decorate a number of things, tablecloth in camo. Find some photos of military items and posters.
  • Decorate with lots of balloons in your wedding colors.
  • Use flowers as a theme. For instance, you could use sunflowers as a theme and have them everywhere

As themes go, the sky is the limit as to whatever you can think of. It’s just a matter of tying together the item or color with food, place, or a time in history.

Just remember that you don’t have to have a formal wedding rehearsal dinner. Make it less commercial and more personal and it will be less expensive!

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