Wedding Rehearsal – Save Money

The days of the traditional formal dinner the night before the wedding is slowly dwindling. More modern couples are choosing to have more relaxed gatherings after their “practice” ceremony. Whether you choose to follow tradition and have a formal dinner following your rehearsal or more of a BBQ either is quite acceptable these days. Link here for some theme ideas on inexpensive rehearsal dinners. ¬†¬†Rehearsal dinner theme ideas.

In fact, many couples are opting for the more relaxed “stay in our jeans” rather than dress up kind of practice. There are many factors contributing to this, one of which is the relaxed, stress reduced practice ceremony run through, but perhaps more in the forefront is the savings of a formal dinner for a considerable amount of guests.

If you are searching for ways to say money for your big day consider having a less formal rehearsal dinner. We have listed below more options that may help you save money for your wedding rehearsal dinner.

Consider – Anytime you can have a backyard BBQ, hots and hamburgers you will save money as opposed to a formal meal out. If you find that your place is not suitable to ask one of your wedding party or parents to help out in this area. They may even offer to begin with, or everyone can share in the cost, depending on how you are sharing in the budget overall.

Additional Advantage of an “at home” inexpensive rehearsal dinner: If the idea of a backyard BBQ sounds like savings, it probably goes even beyond just saving on the dinner. In most cases, your family and friends will now not have to dress up for that dinner out. The casual attire may even save some from buying that new dress they thought they would need for the dinner. Since they have already purchased the attire for your wedding, not have to buy another outfit or a new dress shirt will be appreciated by all!

Consider – Gifts for attendants and family and typically presented at the rehearsal. This is a great time to save money as well. If you are having a less formal dinner, then following suit with practical less expensive gifts will fit right in. This does not mean cheap! It means something practical just as the practical rehearsal. In these economic times, everyone is going to be understanding. It’s truly is the thought not the price tag.

Consider – If you decide that you are going out to dinner, see if the reception location will host your rehearsal dinner at a discount.

Consider – If you decide that you are going out to dinner, ask about specials or a limited menu, and better yet any buffet specials that might be offered. Never be afraid to ask about getting discounts for the number of guests you are bringing into their establishment.

Consider – Instead of serving a champagne toast at the rehearsal dinner, serve a wine toast. It is less expensive but still adds elegance if that if what you are shooting for. If it is the backyard BBQ and beer is on the menu, then, by all means, go for a less expensive beer.

Consider – If going out to eat after the rehearsal is your option, and a dinner seems to be too costly, then consider just going back to someone’s house for “picky” foods and a dessert buffet. There is always someone in the family who likes to show off their cooking and baking skills and most likely would love the chance to set this up for you.

Consider – Having the rehearsal dinner location close to the ceremony location for fewer travel expenses for everyone.

Lastly, whether you are considering either a formal or informal rehearsal dinner gathering do your research early. The earlier you complete your research the better you will be prepared to take advantage of any specials that your local area may be offering.

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